Chamber Choir

It has always been a dream here at MAI to give our high school vocal students the opportunity to perform together in a choir or ensemble. Each year when our MAIsterSingers graduate from choir, they always beg to come back.

We are very excited this year to have Noel Fulkerson on our vocal faculty. Noel has a long, stellar resume which includes having lead in the founding of the Missouri All-State Choir, directing All-State Ensembles in Kansas and Iowa, and having taught over 40 students chosen to be in the Missouri All-State Choir. He is a past president of the Missouri Educators Association and Missouri Choral Directors Association as well as being selected to the Missouri Music Educators Hall of Fame. Mr. Fulkerson is a master vocal and choral instructor

Mr.Fulkerson will be directing an MAI choir which will be open to present MAI students and MAIsterSinger alumni. What an exceptional opportunity this is to expand your vocal and choral knowledge and skills under such an experienced director! Imagine what an incredible sound we could have with a choir composed of MAI vocal students! And think of how much fun it will be to sing together. This could turn into a MAIsterSinger reunion! The group could sing in MAI concerts as well as special events to represent MAI.

This choir meets on Thursday evenings from 5:30-7:00p.m. which is the same time as the Young MAIsterSinger choir. There is no cost to participate.

Soprano & Altos at Christmas Concert

Tenor and Bass at Christmas Concert

Combined Choirs at Christmas Concert, directed by Cynthia Tiller

Tenor & Bass as part of the Combined Choirs

Full video of the MAI Christmas Concert can be viewed here thanks to MAI Board Member Brent Shondelmeyer, and the First Christian Church of Independence

Linda Mann, Accompanist

Directors performing with the Combined Choirs

MAIsterSingers Associate Director performing O Holy Night with Combined Choirs

Christmas Concert Chamber Singers Director: Andrew Fancher