Jazz Ensemble

MAI Jazz Ensemble

The Jazz Ensemble performing at the MAI Christmas Concert 2022 under the direction of Kurt Wheeler

The full video can be viewed here thanks to MAI Board Member Brent Shondelmeyer and the First Christian Church of Independence.

Jazz Ensemble Performs Throughout The Community

The Jazz Ensemble has become popular by entertaining throughout the community, even being called back to perform again at many of the venues. Directed by Kurt Wheeler, the group has performed at these venues: Truman Library, Jackson County Historical Society Annual Dinner, two stints at the Bingham-Waggoner Estate and the Pizza Parlor at Three Trails Brewery. They also performed at the Living Windows on the Independence Square and at the Farmer’s Market. They played again at the Bingham-Waggoner Estate in July and will be at the MAI Gala Aug. 27th at the home of Tim and Christie Geier-Pratt.


The Ensemble consists of Rowan Axton, Cache Dalley, Monica Dudley, Gannan Dawson, Finn Helmer, Duncan Stults, and Johanna Zaragoza. Kurt praised the students, emphasizing their talents as musicians” “They are really talented, so I am happy to share their music throughout the community. These performances give them and MAI Exposure, and it also gives them the confidence young people need.”